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Thread: Some DVD's just ejecting?

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    Some DVD's just ejecting?

    Installed my Flatmod (after returning the DriveKey due to issues) and tested a real and backed up DVD all fine.

    I have now noticed that on some of the backup's I have they just eject after I insert them.

    Has anyone else had this problem? It doesn't tell me there is a problem with the disk it just ejects it.


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    Ive tested out the flatmod with d2c2 drives, d2e drives, d3 drives and it all worked perfectly. A lot better than i expected as i was initial skeptical.

    Make sure the drive cables are plugged in correctly to the flatmod and fitted snug.

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    I think the chip is fitted correctly and now suspect the DVD labels are making the disks too thick and are interferring with them spinning.

    I'm trying the disks without labels!

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    i also have this problem, did you found out whats wrong?
    just installed the flatmod, and tried to burn 3 different games, using different burn settings, and they all just eject, but my original games works fine..
    so i assume is isnt because the chip has been connected wrong, because then none of the discs would work right?

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    I now think it is the dvd labels I've been using. I think they make the disks too thick and interferring with the spinning side the Wii.

    I'm now trying all my disks without labels and they all seem to be ok now which is a shame as I liked the labels on them intead of me scribbling the name on the disk!

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    I have exactly the same problem. Just got my Flatmod, installed it and it keeps ejecting my back up's. Regular games play just fine. Any ideas people? I use platinum dvd's which I have burned at 4x speed. I do not use any labels so that can't be the problem.

    Many thanks in advance! I just want to play!!!
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    Solved the problem. I switched to DVD-R instead of DVD+R and it just works fine now...


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