Hi together

I installed the D2Pro9 (D2E compliant) presoldered on a WiiClip V4 in my D2E Wii last october.
In fact it reads all media but i recognized two thing from the beginning:
1) If i start the Wii with no media inside, it inches for about 1 minute and after that it pulls the DVD in and read it.
2) If i insert a DVD or a DVD was inside while starting the led of the drive it's blinking some times and after that i hear a rough sound of the drive and the DVD starts to spin normally and is recognized by the Wii.

I read the other thread about inching but i think my problem differs a bit.
Could it help to unsolder the CLK and solder the J point?
The D2Pro homepage says that i shouldn't update the Chip to V2.3 because of D2E. Could that update help me and should i apply it beside all the warnings?

Thanks for any help!