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Thread: can't play broken sword on my wii

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    Unhappy can't play broken sword on my wii


    My wii console has a mod chip(which i don't which one), firmware 3.2, HBC & gecko.

    i can't play Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Director's Cut) on my wii disc channel, it ask me to upgrade firmware. what should i do? ( i scare when i upgrade my firmware i can't play as what the saleperson advise me not to)

    I try to play it on Gecko Os, it can be play but i would like to learn how to solve the problem without playing through gecko. I install IOS 37 but i still can play. Is there any IOS support the game?

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    The person that made this thread got banned, why? Because he decided it was ok for him to make 7 threads in the space of a few hours, because he could not get a game to work.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone, Make 1 thread, and 1 thread only, And in most cases, search 1st, Because more likely then not, your question has already been covered.


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