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Thread: About Pikmin 2 system update

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    About Pikmin 2 system update

    I just dl the pikmin 2 pal for the wii..
    when i put the disc on the wii.. it said update..
    so i accept and update it.
    now my wii firmware become 3.4 ><... but i didn't connect the internet why it will update to 3.4...
    Previous firmware was 3.3...
    some of the game when the wii was on 3.3 firmware... when it update.. it doesn't update the firmware.. it still stay on 3.3 firmware after the update
    but this time the Pikman 2 is different

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    Some games have system menu updates on, some just have ios updates. Just downgrade with one of the many downgrading apps that there are now


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