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Thread: Cannot access to Wii Options :s

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    Unhappy Cannot access to Wii Options :s

    I got a modded Wii(Jap version) and after i updated my Wii to lastest firmware, since then i never had access to options or to the shop channel.
    This all happen after i updated my wii, i just turn it on and the blue light started to Shine, so i let it be to update the Wii and now here i am without access to the settings or to wii shop channel, i wanted to know what can i do to solve this situation? i have been looking on the internet about this... and what i found is, i got my Wii "semi-bricked" and this occurred cuz i updated a Jap Wii with other region Firmware, so it mess up with my Wii, and ppl said to solve it u need a game with lastest firmware from Jap, so i update again and fix it. In this case i wanted to know if there is any game already released with the lastest firmware, or which are the games that will be released soon with lastest Firmware on NTSC format.
    Thx for the attention

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    Don;t know any games off the top of my head, however I think it is pretty safe to assume that any game released say today on should have the latest firmware available on it. I know Metroid prime 3 comes out on the 27 (tomorrow), I think that would be a safe bet. If you have a Jap console I would assume that you want the Jap version of the game. Easiest way to get that would probably be through a torrent, unless you feel like paying a bunch of money for an import.


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