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Thread: Wiikey problem

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    Wiikey problem

    I have installed my wiikey (not wiikey2) onto my wii following the instructions. I have decent skills in soldering, but when i try playing a regular game or a burned game, the wii can't read any of them...

    any help?'


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    First, can you show us a picture of your install?

    Second, Are you using Verbatim DVD-R media for making backups? Are you burning at 4X speed?

    Can you hear any drive noise when powering up your Wii?

    Don't worry, we'll get ya going!

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    wii can't read any of them...... and followed with what kind of error message ?

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    i am using Sony DVD+ for burning
    it worked on my friends wii that already has a modchip

    the error message that shows is the same as if you put a regular disk the wrong way
    the wii and gamecube CD's start spinning and then a question mark appears

    I will post a picture of my soldering sometime today.

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    a big reversed ? is typically due to bad media.
    use dvd-r, burn at 2x, whatever, be fine.
    wii is in favor of dvd-r, tho it eats dvd+r sometimes. dvd-r is like sushi, preferred most of the time.

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    yes but it worked on my friend's wii

    also, original games dosn't work either.


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