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Thread: Gamecube loader 0.2 ?

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    Smile Gamecube loader 0.2 ?

    Um i just saw that there are 2 gc is theta and the other one is the next version(dunno wht its called lol) how do i install this ? i mean the second GC loader.

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    First install a cMIOS, just google cMIOS rev03 (should find it) then u can launch it through the homebrew channel or install it as a channel through the wad manager if u find the wad

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    and how do i install the games or copy them,which format is is supposed to be wbfs ??

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    I used Wii Dumper to dump an image of Game Cube game to SD card and IMGburn to burn to disc, since usbloader does not support GC games, but I have problem getting the cMIOS installed. I tried the network install and couldn't get it to work, all the downloads I get are missing the RVL-mios-v8.wad


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