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Thread: newbie question: NTSC vs NTSC-U ?

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    newbie question: NTSC vs NTSC-U ?

    Hello I just have a few quick question regarding region games.
    i'm trying to used menupatcher 1.1 to run some back up games that i download from wiisos.
    I notice some of the games have NTSC-U and some are just NTSC
    can i use the regular NTSC or does it have to be specifically NTSC-U?

    i have HBC and starfall and wad manager installed
    my wii system is 3.2U

    thank you very much in advance

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    The (U) is for a North America NTSC game, the other one is NTSC-J which is the Japanese version. Both should work fine on a your Wii. If there is no letter (U or J) it's no big deal, nothing to worry about.

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    ok thank you very much Gimmeslack12


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