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Thread: USB Loader: Success/Failure with certain HDD types

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    USB Loader: Success/Failure with certain HDD types

    Ok so I have 4 old IDE drives laying around and so I got a USB enclosure to try with my chipped Wii.

    An IBM Deskstar 60gb has worked and I am using it as my Wii drive, I am rather impressed with this setup working.

    As for a Hitachi 90gb and old Maxtor (20gb) they did not work. They would be recognized by the USB Loader but when I go to format it shows 4 Partitions and says that none of them can be formatted. If there is any insight on this I'd be interested to hear about it.

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    Try formatting them FAT32 with the PC first.

    I have has success with quite a few older drives I have lying around. Ranging from a really old Compaq 2Gb drive through to a Western Digital 320Gb.


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