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Thread: Backup Game Errors on Chipped Wii

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    Backup Game Errors on Chipped Wii

    Hi, I currently have a wiikey2 chip in my Wii and have been backing up games with much success except for a few in which I get black screens, etc.

    I found the fixes and most of them relate to homebrew and the twilight hack which I never researched until now because I've never needed to.

    To get some games like Animal Crossing and MLB 2K9 to work, it seems I have to install the twilight hack, downgrade to version 3.2 and install the wad manager with the various fixes regardless of the fact that my Wii has a mod chip. Is this correct or is there an easier way for me to accomplish this?


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    Follow this excellent tutorial and you cannot go wrong:

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    Well I would be sure to check the modchip section as i hav a softmod and cannot help.

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    Thanks, I will definitely try that tutorial.

    I just delayed starting it because I wasn't sure if I had to go to that extreme since my Wii is chipped.

    Thanks again.

    Quote Originally Posted by baldguy17 View Post
    Follow this excellent tutorial and you cannot go wrong:


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