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Thread: usbloader 1.5 - custom ios could not be loaded

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    usbloader 1.5 - custom ios could not be loaded

    hi all,

    im completely new to these forums and was hoping for a little help.

    i have a 3.4u wii, with the homebrew channel installed, but cant get usb loader 1.5 to work.

    when i try i get an error saying "custom ios could not be loaded (ret = - 4100)"

    i already used custom ios installer rev.10 so im a bit

    i also used the same set up while hacking a friends 3.3u, and everything went well, but for some reason i cant get the ios to load on this 3.4u

    if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreaciated
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    Its Mosts Likely That You Will Have To Downgrade, Im not the smartest person on suff like this, but i had to downgrade from 3.4U to 3.2 to get Wad manager Because i got Ret = -900 or some number like that lol, heres EmperorOfCanadas downgrade tutorial if you wanna give it a shot, worked for me

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    I installed all the hb stuff on a 3.4U, the first thing I did after HB install is the downgrade to 3.2U and usbloader works like a charm. The link in the post above mine works great.

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