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Thread: Question about WBFS Manager and iso files.

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    Question Question about WBFS Manager and iso files.

    I have searched for this info, but can't find anything. Does WBFS Manager support scrubbed iso files, or just full iso files? It would help me a lot if it supports scrubbed files, as I have to dl at work and have to keep an eye on disk space. Thanks in advance everyone!


    Did a little more searching, looks like it does support scrubbed/trimmed files..XD

    Thanks everyone! You guys still rock!
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    Yes it supports scrubbed iso's. It will even read and add them from a RAR file. It's great!

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    usb loader/wbfs MAKES scrubbed isos.

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    Thanks guy! That's really gonna help me out with dling stuff at work..

    BTW, This forum rocks!


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