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Thread: Resident Evil (U) Backup Launcher Problem

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    Angry Backup Launcher Problem (Black and White+Scrolling)

    Is there any possible way to fix this problem?

    When i launch Resident Evil (U) from Backup Launcher Gamma 0.3 it shows the warning screen for about 3 seconds and then goes black...

    I tried the PAL version of Resident Evil and everything is moving up the screen really fast (menu, cutscenes). During gameplay the game doesn't even fit on the screen correctly.

    Can someone figure this problem out because i really want to play this game..
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    anyone know the answer

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    what region wii do you have?
    i have a ntsc wii running all resident evils fine. 2 are ntsc/j and the other 2 are ntsc.

    I have
    3.2u wii with ios36 rev10
    ios 38,55,53
    works great with wiigators backuplauncer, now i have softmii and still works great.

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    I have NTSC...

    Its resident evil remake im trying to get working..It shows the warning screen and then goes black..

    On the other hand, PAL doesnt do that. But it keeps scrolling up and is in black and white...

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    have you tried to force ntsc in backuploader?

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    I don't think it does nothing...I go into gammaloader and do Force NTSC. I press launch game, it goes to the gamecube backup launcher thingy after and then i tried NTSC,PAL50,PAL60,PAL. Nothing is working..

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    I am having the same problem as the OP.

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