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Thread: newbie to the modchip scene

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    newbie to the modchip scene

    i have recently installed a wii clip with the wii key and i have been successful with playing my backup games. i have firmware update 4.0u. what i was wondering was what i have to do to get the homebrew channel or something else that will allow me to play my wad files and other wiiware software. i am afraid to try anything without having knowledge of how this works. i have looked forever trying to find answers but havent found anything that i thought was helpful enough for me to try. i am trying to avoid bricking my console. so if anyone could give me some direction or pointers on what to do i would greatly appreciate it

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    as of right now, you cannot install HomeBrew on FW 4.0. You will just have to patiently wait and hope they come up w/ a fix.

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    well what about possibly downgrading from 4.0 to another version. could i do that?


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