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Thread: House of the Dead 2 & 3

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    House of the Dead 2 & 3


    I have backed up House of the Dead 2&3 onto a HDD but when i g o to play it I have problem. House of the dead 3 works fine but when i load no. 2 i get a blank screen.

    Is there a known problem with this game and if so is there a fix?

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    use IOS Patcher and patch it to 249

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    ... after patching ISO to 249, then what do you do?

    I have tried so many methods including Block Reload -ON, Fix Error 002 - ON, and ISO - 222 , still none works, HOTD2 is still black screen all the way, please help!!!

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    ptaching it to ios249 works perfectly for me...

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    I've fixed it by starting the game normally to play 3 and use an alterantive .dol to start 2.

    Just use wiiscrubber rip out the hod2.dol file and use USB loader GX.


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    thanks! it works for me now using the alternative .dol thing.. i don't know what wiiscrubber is so i had to google the .dol for download... anyways it is the only way i can get HOTD2 to work...


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