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Thread: WII - Japanese Console with Mod Chip?

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    WII - Japanese Console with Mod Chip?

    I inherited a WII console from China - it has the Japanese Menu. I know its modded because it plays burned games.

    I need some simple answers:

    1) How do I tell which mod chip is in my unit without opening it?
    Can I safely assume its one, kind? If so which one is it likely to be.

    2)Is it safe to connect to the internet? To my knowledge, it never has been. I've heard about automatic updates making the WII unusable. Since all the menus are Japanese, I don't know what is going on. Can someone please explain.

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    1. not sure if you can tell what type of mod it is without opening it. I guess if you download the WIIKey setup disc and try and run it, if it works then it would be a WIIKey. If it dosent work then it would be one of the other mods.

    2. I have a WIIKey in my WII and it is connected to the net with no problems. If you read some more of the posts discussing this issue i think they are trying to scare people into not modding there WII's.

    Hope that helps.


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