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Thread: microphone will not work!??

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    microphone will not work!??

    hello wiihacks,

    well i have tryed everything i think and my microphone will not work I have tryed three of them with no resalts each game says to.

    "please insert logitech usb microphone into usb connector"

    games tried "Guitar hero metallica, Disney sing it high school musical 3"

    I have bought "intec WII karaoke microphone", "logitech m/n e-ur20", and "logitech mic labeled rock band"

    I am using original discs, copy back ups, and copy back ups to a usb hard drive. All games running perfect with no other problems on the system i do have the HB channel installed 1.0.1 ios36 v4.18 and my WII is a 3.2u any info would be awsome.


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    Unhappy Same Problem

    I'm having the same problem - American Idol won't detect my USB microphone. I've connected the mic to my PC and it works fine but the Wii will not detect that it is connected.

    I thought that running the game off my USB HD may have been the problem but even after I switched to the SD Card (via Loadstructor) it still wont detect it......any ideas?


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