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Thread: Having trouble with USB Loader, and backup launcher

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    Having trouble with USB Loader, and backup launcher

    First off!
    ios36 rev10
    ios 38,51,53 installed
    newest versions of backup launcher and usb loader

    I'm trying to run Mario Strikers, sluggers, and link's crossbow training. Mario strikers freezes on the loading screen, and i have to power off to restart, sluggers and link's just gives me a black screen. i copied them to dvd-r's using imgburn 4X, and i use WBFS Manager to install the iso's on my usb HD.

    Games that do work are Madworld, Rune Factory, Deblob, Sim City Creator, GH Metallica, and Animal Crossing.

    I have a friend with 3.2u , same version everything else, running the same iso's with no problems.

    what could my problem be?


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    From what i heard, 3.2 is probably the firmware with the best compatability. think of it as the xp operating system of the bunch and anything above is win vista. badXD Try getting backuploader 1.1 with cios rev 9 that should fix everything. good luck.

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    Thanks for the response!

    From the time i posted that i actually downgraded to 3.2U.

    do you mean USB loader 1.1? or backup loader 1.1?

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    usb loader 1.1 and rev 9 didn't help anything, still can't load mario strikers, or mario sluggers.

    strikers says "loading" then nothing

    everything else i try works, besides nintendo franchise games.


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