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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy

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    Super Mario Galaxy

    Hey guys.

    I was wondering if anybody would offer me a chance to download Super Mario Galaxy. I can't find any place allowing you o download it for free. It would be greatly appreciated links are welcome.

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    buy the game!

    thats how you get it!

    stop pirating games!

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    try THIS link. and try to read further than your nose end
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    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    just google xxxxxxxx x being whatever you want and at the end put torrent, megaupload or however you want to dl it. i just did it and pulled up tons of sites.

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    how do torrents work they are like 1 kb files

    could you explain them to me

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    well you download a program like utorrent , bittorrent, etc... i like utorrent. then when you download a file that is .torrent extension or torrent just open it with utorrent and what you download will be a iso or a .rar or whatever the torrent description says it will be.

    the torrent itself will be small . whatever you dl will be bigger i guess depends what u want.

    if u want to try it out just go to and get utorrent and try it sure to get peerguardian2 to block antip2p and spyware, etc.....

    But if you google torrent it will tell you the whole story.....

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    Just go rent it and rip it.

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    Yeah im using usb loader to rip my games right now and might plan to use my friends games and just rip'em is safer then using torrents they can have trojans viruses and all that crap

    so heres your step by step
    1. rent or get a friends copy of the game
    2. go home go on the computer
    2.A. Google USB Loader (or USB Loader Wad if you prefer a channel then a tile in HBC)
    download it
    2.B. OR get DVD Dumper v1.2 and get the Iso from the CD (needs internet on wii and PC to download the iso)
    2.A.A. go into the wii then HBC then into the USB loader (Requires a External HD or LARGE USB) and install the game to your usb/hd takes around 5-30 min but its easy now boot into the game by pressing A.
    2.B.A. Go into the wii then HBC then into the DVD Dumper v1.2 follow instuctions enter cd. go to ie or firefox and enter the IP that comes up on the wii screen in the adress bar and press enter. now you will be in a page that says download RMGE or something like that and click download. (Only problem with that one is that you CAN'T use your computer while its downloading as well as the wii. In the other one you can lazily do something on ur comuter like i am while GHWT installs on to my HD *MY STORE BOUGHT COPY)

    Hope this helps
    If it did just click Thanks

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    put it in the external hd? ^^^^

    how does that really work? u mean put in the wii?

    i have a 8gig stick usb flahd drive i can use... or a large external hd... neither have a disk slot... im confused


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