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Thread: Video problems

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    Video problems

    I have a friend with a softmodded wii. I figured I'd download and burn some games for him. The problem that I'm having is that the games that I'm burning are able to load, but they are in black and white, fuzzy and slightly low to center. The game plays perfectly.

    I burnt them on the same media that his other games that work were burned on (those games were ripped and burnt). I burnt them at 4x with ImgBurn.

    The games were PAL ...His wii was purchased in America so is that NTSC?...Mtrd prm3, tmb rdr, and tgr wds pga glf 09.

    It almost seems like a video setting is off....but I can't understand why his games work, and the ones I burned the video is messed up. it a region problem? Can I fix the problem?
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    Happend to me when i was using wiigators backuplauncher, Even if i forced ntsc some games just dont work. Just try to find a game of his region. For example wario ware smooth moves pal did not work on my ntsc wii even if i forced ntsc. The video was black and white and off center. Ntsc wwsmoothmoves worked great.


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