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Thread: scammed from everything4wii :(

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    scammed from everything4wii :(

    I thought this site was providing

    some sort of wii files in web server.

    I joined for $49.99 usd..

    guess what. they provide torrents..

    I am so unhappy with this eh.

    I did email them to say if i could get a refund..

    I Hope they reply me back..or else I would be so pissed.

    did anyone else experienced something similar and got a refund?
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    where did you find the link from??? Generally if its too good to be true, In most cases it is.

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    On youtube, arghhh...

    I hope i can get refund...

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    Argh.. they said they do not have refund policy...

    I am pisssed!

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    I wouldn't expect a refund to a site like that. They didn't do anything "technically" wrong if they provided you the info you paid for. I cant imagine they have a satisfaction gurantee.

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    But the site when I fist tried advertised as if they had 60 day gurantee..

    but now i look at the actual terms and contiions page says, no refund.


    Oh well.. I guess I leant my lesson.. do not be a memeber of dumb sites..

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    if you paid by CC just call your card company and ask to revoke the charge. Explain that they misrepresented their service. They are usally more then willing to help.

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    I contacted Paypal.

    Hope they can help..

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    wow!!! i got ocean front property in oklahoma if your interrested

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    yeah for that price you could get access to newsgroups for a couple months and probably got about 300-400 games if you applied yourself

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