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Thread: Downgrade from 4.0 to Install HBC

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    Downgrade from 4.0 to Install HBC


    I recently bought the Wii and completely new to this stuff.
    By the time, I could understand the complete procedure for installing HBC, unfortunately updated to 4.0J firmware.

    I was wondering if someone can answer the following question:
    1. If I reset Wii to Initial setting (factory setting) will will bring the original firmware?

    2. after this can I install the HBC hack?

    3. Any point of time, if Wii Brick, can I reset again to the factory setting?

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    1) no 2) no 3) no - you're gonna have to wait for a homebrew installer for 4

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    Do you know if we are any closer to getting this homebrew installer just it all gone quiet on the western front

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    i just checked and sadly there has been no news on a 4.0 hack, however team twiizers did hint at finding an exploit in a different game, well, they said the twilight hack was dead anyway

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    go to and download bannerbomb that should install the homebrew channel for you, follow all the steps so this can be done i will post shortly a pack that can install the trucha patch for you


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