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Thread: 1st Time to install Solderless D2Sun v1.5 D2E

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    Us 1st Time to install Solderless D2Sun v1.5 D2E

    I just thought someone out there may be able to help me. I just finished installing my Solderless D2Sun v1.5 D2E into my D2E US version Wii, but when I go to power on it shuts down. If I remove the chip it will power up fine. I made sure jumpers were right ( on,off,off,on ) for my system, and am pretty sure I got good tight fit.

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    Get rid of the clip.

    Solder it in.

    Problem solved.

    Sorry for the quick answer, but I'm kinda tired of these Wii-Clips. They suck....PERIOD!

    Sure some get it to work fine, but I would be a years salary that if they drop it off of the shelf it's on once, the Wii will stop working correctly.

    That's just my opinion, anyways.


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