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Thread: Difference Between D2A and D2B?

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    Difference Between D2A and D2B?

    Hello, I am not sure if I posted in the right spot, but I'll try here. I am wondering what the difference is between the D2A and the D2B. I currently have a D2C and might sell it to purchase either a D2A or D2B so I can mod it. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure if this is covered yet, if so, please provide me with link so I can research this. thanks!

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    D2A board is the first one and all mod chips will work. D2B is basically the same except on 25%-50% of them the three IC Legs have been removed. Mine is one of those. We had to solder strait to where the IC legs where supposed to be located. No the ezest mod but it can be modded. The D2C is currently unmodable, I do not know if it will one day be moddable or not.
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