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Thread: Adding Music to wfbs drive?

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    Us Adding Music to wfbs drive?

    Anyone know of a program that will let you copy musi to your wfbs drive so you can play mp3 on the wii. Thanks to everyone for previous help. you guys rock.

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    That's a no-go I think, WBFS is only read by the USB Loader program...
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    I'm sure that the only thing you can put on WBFS drive is Wii ISO's. I couldn't even put a Game Cube ISO on the WBFS drive. Maybe in the future there will be support for more stuff on the WBFS drive.

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    Why don't you just make a separate NTFS partition on your hard drive for playing music? I'm pretty sure (not 100% positive) that the MPlayer CE v0.5 supports playback from hard drives.

    Maybe you should Google "MPlayer CE" and see what it tells you about it.


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