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Thread: Hardmod and Softmod Wii, DVD drive not working! PLS help!

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    Hardmod and Softmod Wii, DVD drive not working! PLS help!

    I have had my Wii for a couple of months now and as soon as I got it I softmoded it and was able to play backup and originals perfectly. Then just recently I decided to hardmod my wii with the wiikey 2 and installation went perfectly but then stupid me decided to upgrade(why???) to 4.0u via Wii update service, but gratefully was able to downgrade to 3.2u with cIOS. I only tested 1 game No More Heroes and it worked perfectly and I didn't notice anything strange until yesterday I started playing Madden 09 and it random gave me a disk error in the middle of the game, then Wario: Smooth Moves was giving disk errors in different places sometimes in the middle of games and sometimes at the very beginning before the game boots. Also noticed COD5 randomly has read errors and all these games worked 100% before the wiikey and update. I have no idea what is wrong, I tried updating to 3.3u and downgrading back to 3.2u, thinking that I missed an IOS but that didn't work. I am thinking about trying to clean the lens maybe it got dirty, idk how but it's worth the try. I also read something about Thermo Shift issue with wii and thought that might be an issue with mines, I have the hotrock case and I have seen my CPU get up to 37 C but that's not terrible. I have no idea maybe some one can help me out AND I really need anybody's input. Thnx in advanced.

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    try cleaning the lens like you said, but it may be possible your drive is dying, how extensively do you use the machine? Backups may cause your drive to die quicker than if you play originals but I'm skeptical to that although reasoning makes sense (drive has to try harded to read the burned discs dye). Get a lens cleaner or open her up and clean it by hand. Try playing an original for a while, see if you get the error. If no error try a backup of the same game. New drives arent that expensive about 65-75 bucks


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