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Thread: Dc2Key question

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    Dc2Key question

    I have a Dc2Key on my wii.
    i noticed that new downloaded games don't work and i want to ask if there is a firmware upate for my Dc2Key modchip like wiikey or I have to buy a newer game in order to upgrade the WII software... I dont' knbow what is my wii software versione but i thinks it's old.


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    please any help!?!?
    is there downloadable firmfare update for Dc2Key?

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    hi there
    as far as i know there,s no update ever needed for the d2ckey? supposed to do it all as they say? i know as i have looked myself. latest update i got was 3.4e pal for the wii ,it was of mario power tennis,update is for wii console and nothing to do with the chip,hope that helps

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    No update for the D2Ckey. It works on all my games, even newer ones. Just got screwed up recently, with a random update but hoping for help from the forum. But the answer is no, there is no update. Even the D2Ckey website is down. If your chip is not the one with 30 soldering points, you can try for some more info.


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