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Thread: Tried everything but can't get Pro Evolution Soccer 09 to work

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    Tried everything but can't get Pro Evolution Soccer 09 to work

    I'm new to all the Homebrew stuff so I have had a steep learning curve over the past few days!

    I have a Korean Wii with modchip installed. I downloaded Pro Evolution Soccer 09 in NTSC but I just got a black screen. Then I downloaded the PAL version, but the same thing happened. I got the newest version of Gecko OS and tried again. It said IOS55 not present, so I figured out I need Wad Manager to do that but even after installing IOS55 it still didn't work. I then tried installing IOS 38 and 53 too but nothing changed.

    I then looked again at the initial torrent I downloaded and see this notice:

    This Works for Backup Launcher With ImgBurn @ 2x. There is a Disk read Error for anyone getting that with Wii Game DL's. There is a Fix out there for it. Google Gamma002fix_r2 that is the name of the Program to replace back launcher u have now. And you must have cIOS36rev7 installed. HAPPY GAMING FOR FREE!
    So I got Backup Launcher with the gammafix and installed cios36rev7 and still no joy!!

    What can I do? Has anyone got PES09 to work?? I have spent about 10 hours trying to figure this out so far and maybe someone has an easy answer.

    PS: What is cIOSrev7? I think I got my head around everything else, but I don't understand what this does.

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    The problem might be the Korean wii....Ive seen that those are caught finicnky when it comes to homebrew scene.

    I can vouche that PES 09 plays with no problems at all in my back up loader....I have the 002 fix that covers this and NFS Undercover.....anyways works great in wiish loader with 002 fix....can also attest to it working in the USB loader(s), so the problem is definitely on your end, or with the korean wii itself.

    Try USB loaders and see it that helps, burning all those disks gets me.You need cios rev9 or 10 though + the wad + software.

    good luck, dunno if this helps or not but I can say with certainty that the game does work.


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