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Thread: Problem loading classic games from emulator.

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    Problem loading classic games from emulator.


    I'm fairly new to this. I had someone install the emulators like nes, saga, etc on my wii after nodding it with the chip. He loaded a bunch of old games onto it. He showed me a few of them, but u don't remember how to load them.

    So far I fire up homebrew, go to the nes emulator, click load game, then it goes to apps then Roms, then it freezes. Not sure why.

    Please help.

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    Have to make sure the roms are in the root of your sd card in a folder named something like SNES ROMS.

    Otherwise, I had a freezing issue before, look up earlier versions of the emulators and normally they should work.

    Basically put your emulator in apps, then put SD card into wii and load the emulator from homebrew (should be in there), from there there should be an option in which you can load your roms.


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