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Thread: Wii Firmware Updates on 3.0 and 3.1

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    Wii Firmware Updates on 3.0 and 3.1

    Ok well the big Wii update was 3.0 and alot of people are scared they could brick there system because they have a mod chip installed.

    Well rest assured I am here to give you some insight as I have searched the internet for the last two hours for anyone who has bricked a nintendo wii system with the firmware update.

    There is one person but he was a PAL system with a US NTSC Copy of Paper Mario in the system when he got the Wii Firmware 3.0 update

    Problems I have read are Action Replay, Freeloader Software, and ModChip Boot Disk no longer work. There are ways around them though and ways to make them work you just have to make it load the gc software system. I did not read too much in detail about that.

    Nintendo Also took off the delay for swaping a GC Disk so you cannot load an import without a mod chip, so you can't swap disk at the title screen no more and run an import GC Game.

    You can however still play GC/Wii import's on a modded wii. Just be careful with Wii imports as you always risk of bricking a system with any other region as the one you currently have.

    Also the newest firmware update fixing the LAN Connection problems is safe also and is still called 3.0 and not 3.1

    1. Firmware 3.0/3.1 will not brick your system (with right region disk in drive)
    2. GC Action Replay, FreeLoader Will not work but you can boot with software tricks.
    3. Aftermarket Lan adaptors don't work (might be different with 3.1)

    I will add more info as I come across it.

    jerry x
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    i upgraded to 3.0 and now most of my burned games don't work... except for a couple. i dont consider my system bricked though, it seems to work fine... but i just wish that i hadn't upgraded because i want all my games to work. sigh... anyone else with this problem? or anyone else have an idea why its selective? they are all ntsc games and i have an US wii

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    It seems to be working fine for me... a few games didnt work but when i popped in the original it was flawless... i then shut down the wii completely for a few mins then turned it back on and the burnt ones worked..i notice if the wii get hot due to the wiiconnect being on it has trouble reading some discs....

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    What games are giving your trouble? I have seen no issues.

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    well, iupgraded to 3.0 and after a couple of days to 3.1. not much difference in both of them. i really never had problems with my downloaded games after the update. to tell the truth, some of my games didn work before the updates. but im not sure if its because of the updates or that my wii was kinda of new. but if i have problems with the dvd not being read, i just pop in an original game like wiisports and take it out, and then put the downladed game.dont ask me how, but it actually works.

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    Hi, I don't have the wii connected and I have modded it from few days. I have a Pal Wii wih a d2pro modchip and now looks like it's working fine. Just resident evil 4 ntsc give me problems, i tried it just once and after the main screens it blocked the wii. Anyway I inserted Kung Fu Panda ntsc and it was no showing the logo of the game in the menu, and when i selected the button of the disk it was telling me the message of the update, and I didn't make it cos i'm not sure about what I should do. Can't I play the game without updating right? What shoud I do then, i think these uptades needs to play these new games right? should I try doing it? or maybe better with a PAL backup? I'll wait for your answers, thanks^^
    Sorry 4 my english, i'm italian I hope you can understand what i'm trying to say^^

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    First of all NEVER update from a game that is different region from your Wii, for this means never to update from NTSC-U or NTSC-J, its ok for you to update from PAL game since your Wii is PAL.

    What is the current firmware version of your Wii? if it is at 3.2 then all games should be working fine.

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    I don't know, how can I check what version is it? I last update it with speedracer when my wii was still unmodded...anyway can I update without problems? do I need some software or something like this?

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    If you go into the Wii System Menu, you will the see the version number on the top right corner of the screen.

    No, DO NOT update your PAL Wii from the NTSC Kung Fu Panda game, this will (Semi)Brick your Wii.

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    Hi Jbloggs,

    I have a Pal modded wii and my version is Ver.3.4E i have downloaded a few versions of marrio kart now and the disk loads on the front page but when i click it i get a blank screen with a error, but pro street works fine for me. any help for me please.


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