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Thread: WiiKey2 and 3.4 firmware problems

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    WiiKey2 and 3.4 firmware problems

    Hi, I am a bit of a noob at this but having read lots of posts over the last few weeks I seem to be getting in a muddle.

    The problem is I don't have the Homebrew channel already installed and I cannot play certain games i.e SSBB, Sonic and black knight etc.

    Most games do play but from what i am reading I need to rollback the firmware to 3.2 and install HBC.

    Is there a straight forward guide to this as I have been downloading and reading too many things and now my head hurts !!!

    Sorry to sound so thick.

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    SSBB works fine with a Wiikey 2 and 3.4 firmware

    Burned the full version on Verbatim DL DVD+R, burned at 2.4x with imgburn with layerbreak set.

    I have HBC installed also using 3.4 firmware

    You can use EOC's guide.

    You don't have to downgrade.


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