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Thread: Little Kings Story - Big Problem....

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    Little Kings Story - Big Problem....

    Absolutely awesome game! Just one problem, the game freezes during the cutscene just before you fight King Duvroc...
    I have a pal wii 4.0 with drivekey, no soft-mods. Burn't with Imgburn 2x, Verb dvd-r.

    Was wondering if maybe its an issue with the DK's 3x drive speed as I have noticed that during the cutscene before it freezes the movie starts to lag a bit.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?

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    it's probably related to DK 3x speed limitation
    haven't tried that particular game but have read about people having similar problems with super mario galaxy. You can try to press the home key when the cutscene starts to lag to allow it to buffer a few secs, do this enough and you should get through the cutscene.

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    Yeah I thought that might be the problem....
    I had tried to press the home button but unfortunately it seems to be disabled during cutscenes.

    Ah well i'm going to buy the game anyway, definitely worth it imo.

    Thanks anyway

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    Had the same problem, I made two discs and ejected one when it froze and put in the other. It's a little strange, one freezes in some cutscenes and not others and the other does on the oposite

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    game is freezing during a cutscene... 25+ hours in.

    The game is freezing for me during the cutscene right after defeating the WorryWart King (in the giant egg). I wouldn't mind so much except I'm about 25 hours into the game.

    2 questions:

    1. Did anyone ever find a fix; and
    2. If I buy a legit copy of the game, will it use the save file or will I have to start all over?


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    First don't bump threads this old and yes buying a retail disc which is what you should have done to begin with will work fine with your save data aslong as the region is the same.


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