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Thread: USB Loader 1.5 question

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    USB Loader 1.5 question

    I've been reading up on USB loader 1.5 and I had a question.

    I'm using 1.1 right now with no trouble, but I read that 1.5 allows SD loading as well. Does anyone know if this can be done with 3.2U. Most of the posts I've read are using 4.0 and I'm wondering if this is mandatory or optional.

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    1.5 allows you to read or save full games to an SD card. Wiiware and VC games cannot be run from your SD card w/out firmware version 4.0.

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    So essentially, I can run it on 3.2 but without the ability to run VC and wiiware from the SD.

    And it works just like the usb loader, but instead loads from the SD card?


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