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Thread: Problem With Backup Launcher .3

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    Problem With Backup Launcher .3

    Hello, Im new to this homebrew and things and I recently burned Pikmin 2 to a dvd. I tried to launch it with Backup Launcher .3, and it launched, but it was black and white. The picture was going from the top of the sreen very fast, like it was scrolling. Is this the way I burned it, the iso, or is it the launcher? Im using IMG Burn

    Thank you

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    Sounds like you're trying to run a PAL game on an NTSC wii. You could try the Force PAL option in Gamma Options.

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    If you have an NTSC Wii...force NTSC
    PAL Wii......force PAL

    Sorry for the mix up!

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    i got the same problem to if i forced will it brick my wii im new a this so i need help please!!

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    no.. forcing is just adjusting the rate frame ratio for PAL to meet NTSC standard and vie versa.

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    thanks for the info ill try that


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