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Thread: where can i take my wii to have it upgraded/chipped/modded/wiikey installed?

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    where can i take my wii to have it upgraded/chipped/modded/wiikey installed?

    hi,i want to install wiikey on my wii i live in wembley and would travel 40 miles to get it wiikey.everyone is saying it is great to have it modded.the wiikey chips are cheap but i am not very good at souldering and if i mess up my wii console is gone!

    so where can i get my wii fitted with wiikey?
    is there any floors/disadvantages for having wiikey fitted?
    how much would it cost?
    do i void my warrenty?

    so many people are saying you can get lots of chips such as
    *external wii chip

    which chip is the best and where can i get it installed thanks.

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    Google search it.

    Try local Comp fair.

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    I would go with either a wiikey or cyclowiz. Those are probably going to be the dominant chips now and in the future. As far as getting the chip installed, there are many mod-chip sites that will sell pre-modded consoles as well as simply charge a service fee and have you mail them your console for them to mod. It is really honestly not too difficult to do yourself... I did my own (wiikey) and I have never soldered before. Just use a 15w soldering iron with a small point and very thin solder. the plade where I got mine is Mod Central
    They also sell premodded systems along with accessories. They are based in Canada, shipping was about $12.00 to California for the WiiKey and a triwing screwdriver. It took about a week to get here.
    Hope this helps
    Also, if you wanted to try to do it yourself look at my post on installing wiikey, I have links to the soldering iron and solder I used from radioshack!

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    Seen them for sale in uk for 220 pound already modded.

    with 5 games

    Not a bad deal

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    In the UK I used ghost2fitter with a cyclowiz V2 fitted cost 68, and returned with insured mail within 3 days. I'm a spanner when It comes to soldering.

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    I got my wii modded in the UK i used - Game World Direct UK, Supercharge Your Games Console it costs 50 to get the wiikey and install it, they also offer Warrantee for a bit extra cash and a pick up service. Or you could try - - , Suppliers Of All The Best Mod Chips For Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS ECT. & Console Accessories including swap magic boot disks In The UK, United Kingdom
    Hope this helps.

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    wiikey is a great modechip

    and its support updates

    you can check the offical wiikey website: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip
    good luck


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