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Thread: USB loader install freezes

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    USB loader install freezes

    I was wondering if anybody has run into freezes (or severe slowdowns) during installs using USB loader. I am currently running cIOSrev10 and Ultimate USB Loader. When I was using cIOSrev9 and USB loader 1.1 I never ran into a game I couldn't install. I upgraded to rev10 (i believe the correct version as well) to take advantage of the newer USB loaders. After that, installs have been kind of hit and miss. I would be able to install two games fine then the third would freeze during install. I used WBFS Manager and installed about six games perfectly. Tried the USB Loader and was able to install three more games fine then any new installs would freeze after that. If anything I can just use WBFS manager to install all my games but I would like to be able to instal without a PC as well.

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    it sounds like you may have deleted a game from loader 1.1 which caused corruption on the hard drive. Issue fixed in the later versions. Reformat the drive and install games again.

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    after you format and reinstall games, try useing cIOS36 rev9, not rev10. see if it works then install rev10. I run USBLoader 1.4 and 1.5 useing rev9, I tried rev 10 at first and couldn't get it to work, so back to rev9 and all works, except the cover image.


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