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Thread: play backups on homebrew already

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    play backups on homebrew already

    The question is this, I accidentally updated my wii to version 4.0 but have already installed the homebrew channel. So, now, how do i install a backup launcher. I have tried a few different things and can't seem to get it going. Getting error 1035. Any help would be appreciated.

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    if homebrew is instailed just put your wii back to 3.3 or 3.2 and then instail back up laucher

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    i was hoping to be able to do it without having to change it back to an earlier version if that is possible.

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    probably not, go back to 3.2 and go from there. If you need to update after that use waninkoko's firmware update to go to 4.0 not nintendo

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    Thumbs up Already had Homebrew, Upgraded to 4.0 - Still works fine

    I already had the Homebrew Channed installed on my Wii and then I upgraded to 4.0. The Homebrew Channel and all of my Homebrew Apps (Including the backup loader) still work perfectly.

    If this isn't supposed to work....then how do I have it working? I'm just curious as to how I have no issues when it seems everyone else does...

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    yea you also had it instailed before you went to four


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