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Thread: Stuck in the Starfall/Gamma Installation...

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    Exclamation Stuck in the Starfall/Gamma Installation...

    Hello everyone! Well, I was using the excellent guide here about installing the HBC/Starfall/Gamma and now I am stuck. I got the Twilight Hack and the HBC to install properly, but things started going worng when I tried to use the IOS downgrader. I don't have internet at the moment, so I could downgrade from 3.4U to 3.2U. Luckily, I found the guide and file on here to do a manual downgrade. That went fine. But now, starting at step 2 in the guide, nothing will install! The cIOS downgrader and Starfall both just sit there and do nothing, no matter how many times I press the A button. Should I just give up and order a modchip? On the bright side, I can DL and play VC games, and some WiiWare games. But I really wanted to play backup of my Wii and GC games from an external HDD. Thanks in advance for any help. This site rocks!

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    cIOS maybe?

    Which cIOS do you have installed (check in HBC)
    You might of gotten rid of your installed cIOS so things like starfall stopped working

    Just a thought

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    Start at step one, you need to do this to get stuff working - skip step two as you are on 3.2 already, then proceed with step three.

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    Well, Thanks to some help from the great members here, I manages to get the IOS36-64-1042,wad installed by putting the wad on the root of my sd card, and Starfall by repeatedly pressing the B+1 buttons. You guys rock! Now if only I could get Vista to reformat my 160Gb external HDD as FAT instead of NTFS.... Stupid Microsoft! LOL!


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