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Thread: Help with Japanese Wii

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    Help with Japanese Wii

    Hey Folks, great community.

    I just purchased a Wii in Japan ( but i live and use it in north america), and all the menu systems are in japanese. not a huge deal, i downloaded a translation guide and that got me through most of the setup.

    Today however, i fired up my Wii, and some sort of warning screen pops up at boot up, the only thing i can decipher from it is that I have to push a to continue, and then it boots just fine. I can play games and all that jazz, however, when i try and access the configuration menu i get some sort of error related to me trying to access a webpge and then it won;t let me continue into configuration. What i want to do is change my screen properties from regular def to high def as I just purchased all the pertinent cables today. Oh yeah, and my wii is not connected to the internet in any way shape or form.

    I guess, can anyone maybe tell me what the boot screen warning is, and how to get around it, and can anyone tell me if it is safe for me to connect it to the internet and do an update and then disco it without turning it into a brick?

    thanks fod

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    okay i think i may have diagnosed this a little better. From reading around the forums i guess some games have software updates available on disc. This rings a bell as I tried to play a hongkong version of big brain academy and before i could play it asked some question in japanese that i coudln't understand, and what i thought was the continue button led to a screen with a scroll bar that took around 3-4 minutes to complete and then I got a black screen and the game won't load. So, i am guessing that it was an update from a ntsc disc rather than pal or some such. Has anyone else had this happen? if so, how did you fix it?

    thanks in advance, fod

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    I have the same problem trying to access setup menu. Have you got a solution to your problem?

    Thanks, stu

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    its a semi brick
    update in region should fix it


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