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Thread: Should I upgrade to Wasabi FW 2.0beta before installing my DX via clip?

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    Should I upgrade to Wasabi FW 2.0beta before installing my DX via clip?

    Hi folks,

    I'm getting a Wasabi DX for my new Wii, and I don't know what's waiting for me inside the console. I also ordered a Wii Clip V16 to allow me to clip the DX directly to the chip in case it's not epoxied.

    My question is, do I need to upgrade DX's firmware to 2.0beta before I clip it?
    As it's a brand new install, I guess it's firmware is going to be 1.1.

    Of couse if my chip is covered in epoxy then the choice will be made for me already

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    I will copy from the firmware 2.0 readme file they posted since i had these questions as well because my dx came with the 2.0 disc. You will get a error if you try to install the clip first. Once i figured out the method it was a snap. Install following DX instructions first that means set the correct dip switch. once you flash your firmware and install the clip follow the zero install method and again check/change your dip switch settings becasue depending on you chipset it will change

    Wasabi Zero mode :
    Since firmware 2.0 it's possible to use your Wasabi DX as a Wasabi Zero, either
    by soldering 5 or 6 wires, or by using the Wasabi Solderless Adapter.
    You must flash firmware 2.0 in DX mode, then you can install the chip following
    Wasabi Zero instructions. Make sure you set the DIP switches as specified in
    Wasabi Zero installation manual. You can use Wasabi Configuration Disc 1.4B to
    change your settings, and any future Wasabi Zero upgrade will be compatible too.
    It's possible to go back to Wasabi DX mode by re-installing the chip.

    Solder points from left to right: GND, 3V3, A, B, F, solderless adapter, H, I, CLK
    The rest of the readme you can get from the wasabi site. Download DX firmware 2.0 beta and it will be in the rar file.
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    Cheers mate!

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    i guess that if you have the epoxy d2e, then you still have to use the dx as a dx unless you want to remove all the epoxy?

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    Yeah, wasn't quite sure what was lying inside the box until the chip and screwdriver arrived. Then I found out I got an epoxied D2E so my choice was made for me.

    Got a spare wii clip v16 for the DX now lying unused


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