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Thread: Wiikey 2 problem import game play- help?

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    Wiikey 2 problem import game play- help?


    Please. please help?

    Here is my situation.
    I got USA Wii console. (Bought in USA as a gift)
    Installed Wiikey 2 in New Zealand (since I live in NZ).
    I can play USA games, NZ games and NZ back up games.

    But I can not play any imported Japanese or Korean games at all.
    It just does not read any...
    Once I ejected those imported Japanese or Korean games, (since it is not reading), I can not load other USA or NZ games.
    I have to power off and start again to load USA and NZ games...

    I do not know what to do???


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    usa wii is of 3.xU/4.0U firmware. jap wii is of 3.xJ/4.0J. Korean 3.xK. Europe 3.xE/4.0E.
    the letter shows the regions. i've no idea abt NZ games ...may be of European ?

    playing out-of-region games is 95% unable-2-read and non-playable. The solution is to install Homebrew Channels, apply various Launcher(s)....even thu u got wiikey2.

    luckily, u've got wiikey2 which has update-blocking feature. otherwise, loading and updating with a Jap/Kor disc into ur USA-wii might hv "bricked" the console and u're crying now........
    power-off and start again is to reset the wii; and u're back to luck for next venture. but, how long u'll be on luck ? i strongly recommend u to read a few threads in RECOMMENDED: FAQ + TUTs for ur knowledge and protection and install the required homebrews.
    Or, pay someone to install all those for u.... after u know what to do !

    good luck
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    Thanks so much! Much clear now.
    I thought, once I got Wiikey 2 installed I can play anything....and I guess not...
    Anyway, thanks again for your advise.



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