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Thread: What do i Burn Wii backup game iso's onto? DVD+R or DVD-R?

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    What do i Burn Wii backup game iso's onto? DVD+R or DVD-R?

    Dont give me the illegal crap. I have the game already and i just want to back it up so that my younger brother and our dog dont ruin the original with scratches.

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    with that sort of attitude you may not get to much more help. If you post in the right section it might help aswell

    check out this thread

    it will show you what other people are using.

    I hope that helps.

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    you can use wi copy software that can copy wii games easily How to copy wii games - Home

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    You want to use Dvd-r disks. Dvd+r disks are less compatable with the Wii, and they strain the disk reading lazer. Go and buy some disks at Radio Shack, The Source. They have a great deal right now, 50 Verbatim Dvd-r disks for 15 bucks.

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    where do i get the iso

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    Quote Originally Posted by the boss View Post
    where do i get the iso
    Hippyfreak's WII MegaUpload ISO ONLY thread
    this is an awesome site for you to use to download wii isos and use the jdownloader program too.

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thank you i needed to know these things.


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