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Thread: Is This MOD CHIP Installer For The Wii Trustworthy!?!?

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    Is This MOD CHIP Installer For The Wii Trustworthy!?!?

    The website is

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    sure, he has a website, its up to you. I would'nt assume he would go out of his way to rip you off. Give it a try. Looks fine to me just dont send to po boxes

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    new to site

    you know without this type of support, those of us that don't know how to do the "testing" would be lost. my thanks to everyone, now i need to read,read,read. ltr

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    I know a gr8 place for wii mods

    if you are in ontario and want to know a gr8 place to get your wii done lemmie know the guy is the best does wii xbox ps3 and xbox best around and he has a kck ass warrante he has done 10 of my buddies as wel as my systems and is extemly reliable

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    i haven't had him mod my wii yet but i've bought a cycloDS flashcard from him and it went reasonably well. i would recommend him if you're getting your wii modded...i plan on getting him to mod mine.


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