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Thread: New release: MultiGame ISO Creator v3.4.4F+

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    New release: MultiGame ISO Creator v3.4.4F+

    Wii - GameCube MultiGame ISO Creator v3.4.4F+ by Patman

    This easy to use Windows GUI based application allows you to make compilations of your GameCube backups and either write them to a DVD5 or DVD9 disc. Features include building, extracting and shrinking images.

    What's new:
    * Fixed: DVD size control was not updated if a game was removed with the delete key.
    * Fixed: Game extraction save dialog accepted invalid filenames, which threw an exception of course.

    *Added: Updated GCOS MultiGame version to v4.0F DVD9


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    this works with softmod right?

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    Every iso is PAL

    Every iso that this creates is PAL! You can see this when you boot Gamecube Backup Launcher 0.2 which automatically changes to the region of your disc. Every region I used, tried both USA and JAP, and even PAL out of curiosity, turns out to be PAL. I have USA wii so it never works correctly for me

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    If it does create PAL, can't you change the burner settings to burn NTSC or does the burner not let you do that because it's an ISO? I know that when burning video files that are PAL I can change to NTSC.

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    thank you how many games can fit ?
    and is it olny pal
    if u have a us version dose it do any thing

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    stomp_442: unfortunately data doesn't work that way, it seems to be more of changing the ISO value of a disc which i'm not sure that's even possible. also, when burning video files as NTSC or PAL--you would have to convert the video from one to the other... which is usually frowned upon as it's a form of transcoding.

    yeah, I'm anxiously waiting for an update on multidisc running as PAL... the games play fine as NTSC (yes, i chose NTSC from the dropdown box for each game). it's just the ISO that gets created using the program seems to be PAL... so obviously it's going to be hard to see what game i'm selecting when it's flickering.

    thanks for all your work on this. i hope this problem gets fixed (or at least allow a seperate version of the program for us NTSC users.)
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    awesome man this will help me.

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    hi mate can you tell me where to get it from as i dont have privledges yet to download from your reply.

    Thanks mate!!!!

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