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    Hi, hoping for a bit of advice here!!

    I have a drivekey all installed in my Wii, and it still runs original games. I am trying to play recently copied games and all I'm getting is a message saying it cannot read the disc.

    I know there are some problems with scrubbed games, so I have downloaded an unscrubbed game and it has came up the same. I am using a Pioneer DVR K16 1.15 to burn them, does anyone know of any problems?

    Secondly, I have used both DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs. Is this the problem, do they just need to be R discs?!?!


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    I have a drivekey installed also. The only discs that work for me are VERBATIM + or - ,R or RW. The Book Type needs to be changed to - when using +R or +RW discs. The easiest burner for this is Imgburn with the burn speed set to 2.4. Hope that helps.

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    as said use dvd-r or change the book type to -r with imgburn.

    I use taiyo yuden disk never had a problem also used some LG disks they froze a few times and had to eject and put them in a few times till they got a good read. No such problem since I got the tayio yuden disks.

    also burn on 2.4x to minimise errors and verify the image always worked for me. think the big thing is using quality media!!!

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    Thanks for the posts guy, sorted it out now, it was the discs. Got some verbatim DVD-R's and they work a charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelbygreen View Post
    as said use dvd-r or change the book type to -r with imgburn
    Well, actually you change the book type to "dvd-rom", not "dvd-r". But yes, doing this will enable you to use DVD+R discs just fine. There is a small guide explaining how to do this at the Drive Key homepage ("Burning discs for DriveKey"): How it Works DriveKey

    Anyone having experimented with the write speeds? I saw somewhere that it is recommended to burn at no faster than 4x - somewhere else it said max 2x or 3x (?!). I wonder if the games will work fine when burned at 8x or 16x, too?

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    drive speeds do not directly affect the quality of the burn, it only depends on your drive, your discs and your computer. If your drive and image buffer can handle 16x, burn at 16x. My laptop can only handle around 6x, so I burn at 4x. I've burned discs on friends computers at 16x (that could handle it) without trouble. The discs themselves have a limitation, it usually says so on the discs themselves. Newer discs (s.a. 32x DVD-R) will probably not work on old drives, but with a new drive, high performance computer and good media (verbatim etc.) any drive speed will work. safest is to burn at 1x, but try your speeds... if 8x creates a coaster but 2x doesn't, just burn at 2x...

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    You may get a good burn at any speed, but how long do you want your disc to last? Burn at 4x or slower to get a good QUALITY burn with these recommended discs, Taiyo Yuden -R or Verbatim -R. Get rid of the RW discs. I never get a coaster, a few simple steps I follow, no multitasking, make sure your screen saver and virus scanner don't start up (or other CPU robbing processes). Basically I start the burn and leave my computer til it's done burning. Don't forget to verify the burn.


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