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Thread: advice need: starfall or preloader

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    advice need: starfall or preloader

    HI Everybody,

    I have a softmodded wii using EOC tutorial which uses startfall. I have been reading softmii tutorial and they suggest using preloader. Does anyone have any preference for either?

    If I wanted to change to preloader, do I just turn starfall options to disabled and install preloader?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I used starfall with wiigator gamma backuplauncher. I then changed to softmii . I started from phase 2 on up. I would turn them to disabled then just use preloader with the options you need. This is what i did works great . I love loading the games from the disc channel. Unless anyone has other thoughts... If your thinking of installing softmii you might want to wait a couple of days so you can just install the newest one 3.0
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    i agree, i did 2 wiis with the EoC, never had good luck with the gamma loader, but i think softmii is easier and a whole bunch better, especially with the windows xp theme.... got about 10 wii's done with the softmii

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    Thank RGJR77 and Tristanloftis!



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