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Thread: WAD installer issues

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    Unhappy WAD installer issues

    I'm running firmware 3.3E. From factory. Has drivekey modchip.

    Would like to install the internet channel. So I downloaded the pal internet channel.wad from net. When I try installing I get error -1022 (using wad installer 1.3)

    I found the ultimate downgrade guide here in the forum. (I'm guessing I'm doing the right thing so far. Please correct me if I dont need to downgrade)

    At step to run the IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad At this step again I have an error.
    installing content #01...error! (ret = -1022)

    Can someone help? Thanks in advance.

    (Forgot, i installed one version maybe ntsc because it frooze every time i ran the chaneel. so I uninstalled it from the wii menu. i saw someone mention that this could be the reason, so I've now used the minus key to uninstall the pal version, but the other thing is the other wad i tried to install had never been installed. Will try download the ntsc net channel and running the - installer.)
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