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Thread: I fully bricked my Wii help plz!!!

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    I fully bricked my Wii help plz!!!

    was updating to 4.0 update using the Wads method, then after installing preloader it semi-bricked my Wii, so I thought if I uninstall the update it woul make things go back the way it was, so I uninstalled the 4,0 update.wad and now I have a black screen. :S

    I heard about the SaveMiiFrii method, but i don't understand it, I got a modded Wii, what else do I need to make it boot WAD manger or anything that can help me?

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    Try pressing the reset button at the same time as on button and accessing the homebrew channel through the preloader

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    man preloader = savior

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    Since I uninstalled my FW the preloader wont work anymore. :S

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    I just want to know why would you want to update anyway?

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    Since I like had over 50 Wii games, the storage was getting full and I couldn't save anymore, coz I like had 6 VC games, 2 n64, rest snes, which shouldn't take that much space, but they did so I had to move them to the SD card and still play with them.

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    But you could have downloaded those games and put them an SD card.

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    I could, but then I would have to delete a VC game, then choose the game I want, copy it to the Wii, and wait tell its copied(its slow as hell), then play, lets not forget they also have there won save file, so I would need to delete thos too and copy the ones i want :S, ya I needed 4.0

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    Have you found any fixes for your problem?

    I meant you could play all your VC games on emulators and whatnot from the sd card. I figure the Wii hackers will soon figure out a way to do what Nintendo has dome with sd loading too.

    I would be just too scared to risk updating my Wii.
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