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Thread: Can't load Homebrew Installer Beta 8 DVD

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    Can't load Homebrew Installer Beta 8 DVD


    Can anyone help me..

    I have a PAL wii with 3.1E firmware and a wiikey2 chip (with updated 1.2 firmware)

    I want to install the homebrew channel, so i downloaded the PAL version of homebrew installer beta 8. I burnt the installer.iso image using image burn at 4x on discs that i have been using to successfully play backups.

    The disc subsequently loads when i go to the disc channel, but only loads to a black screen. I click start, and then i get a full black screen and nothing happens. I tried a different DVD and got the error saying cannot read disc see operations manual.

    Does anyone know what is going on? I can't understand why it wont let me install the homebrew channel, it should be simple..


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    only if u're at 3.1/3.2, it should be simple !
    u got a bad burn. use ImgBurn, speed at 2X, patience,.... bingo.

    did u enable the block-update of wiikey2 ? might it be a barrier to let u go?

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    Giving it a go now burning at 2x.... I only have the wiikey2 block update set to EUR/PAL not all.

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    try not to activate any wiikey2-blocks function when running the hbcbeta8.
    mind ?
    come back and make a shout, for any finding.

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    So i burnt the installer.iso at 2x, turned off all wiikey2 update blocks and put it in. Once again the disc loaded, but as soon as i hit start, black screen (like an 002 error i get with some NTSC games).... I have no idea why this isnt working

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    ensure the "region" of hbc beta8 iso?

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    Yeah i checked it with wiu and its definately region 2 PAL, only prob that it comes up with is the filesize is wrong, but the iso is only 1.5 gb. Ive even redownloaded it and tried that but no luck.

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    what means filesize is wrong ?
    would u mind to click into Dogeggs 's thread and get into his signature. he's provided a library 4u guys. am not sure if there's the right iso for u.

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    just WIU likes the patched games to be 4.5 gb, but the installer iso is 1.5... however this shouldnt make a difference as the wiikey2 disc updater i use is only about the same size.

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    as far as i can remember, the hbc installer iso dvd shown less burnt content, comparing to game iso, ( look at the burnt lines)......1.5GB might be .

    Oop.....dummmm..... i forgot to ask u : did u play Zelda-Twilight-Princess b4 ?
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