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Thread: Monster Hunter G and Tri Demo problem

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    Monster Hunter G and Tri Demo problem

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post, if not please move to appropriate section
    I soft modded my wii and have problem loading both of these games.
    For MH G, after it checks to see if i have my classic controller connected, it black screens
    For Tri demo, it just resets back to wii menu

    I heard people with chips are working, but for softmod people like me, is there any fix?

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    where did you get the tri demo?? can you give me the link so i can see if i can help you

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    Nvm I got Tri demo working with softchip but not backup launcher.
    Monster hunter G still not working, anyone got a fix for this?
    It freezes when it is about to create a save file...i think? Can anyone give me a save file so I can see if i can bypass that part? thx


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